Pet crawfish can be a truly fun and fascinating diversion. These little critters are truly cool to watch. They move stones to tunnel in. They move up trimmings in the tank. The pursuit fish… Also, at times they battle other crawfish.

At any rate, when I purchased my crawfish, I chose to get an electric blue crawfish in view of their marvelous tone. It nearly appears to be unnatural from the outset. From that point, I needed to gain proficiency with the fundamentals of electric blue crawfish care in the event that I planned to keep my little person alive, upbeat and solid.

We as a whole Need a Home

The primary thing I did before I even got my crawfish was to get a fish tank. By and by I suggest a fish tank of at any rate ten gallons. This is on the grounds that once you get your crawfish, you will need to get him some tank mates. – Other fish that he can spend time with, pursue and well, in some cases even eat. (It occurs.)

Set Up the Tank

After you get your tank, you need to set it up. First you will add rock, trimmings and a den for your crawfish. The refuge is required so your crawfish can cover up and tunnel when he sheds or, more than likely other fish and crawfish may join him.

You will likewise have to cycle the tank and get its characteristic waste and poison expulsion framework pushing ahead before you add any fish or crawfish to the tank. If not, you could wind up executing everything. This would be unpleasant! Cycling your tank is a flat out essential bit of electric blue crawfish care.

Tank Mates

You don’t need your little person to be distant from everyone else. So you will need to get him a few companions. Additionally, adding fish to the tank can make things significantly more fascinating. There will be considerably more activity.

One thing to recollect however is that with a ten gallon fish tank, you will need to be cautious about the number of fish you put into the tank. Too many fish will deliver a lot of waste. – And this can hurt your fish.

At the point when you do choose to go out and get some fish for your tank, you need to realize which sorts of fish will work best with a crawfish. Crawfish love to eat fish obviously, so in the event that they get their paws on any of your fish, it’s finished. For this very explanation, you will need to get fish who are quick as well as swim close to the highest point of the tank. I suggest tiger points, ax fish, red tail shark, danios, and so forth

Crawfish can make OK tank mates as well, however crawfish are extremely regional and can and will eat one another all in all. On the off chance that you do get another crawfish, particularly for a ten gallon, ensure you have a different den for each and consistently ensure they are of similar species.

Crawfish Food

Taking care of your critter is clearly a significant piece of electric blue crawfish care. Crawfish are omnivores. They love to eat fish and they eat plants as well. By and by I feed my crawfish a sinking wafer consistently and give him a feeder fish occasionally.

That basically summarizes it. In the event that you focus on these four focuses illustrated, you ought to generally approve of your crawfish.